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Episode 7: Ships of the Digital Line

In this episode, host Spencer Tordoff reflects on what makes building or modifying a personal computer different from just getting one off the shelf. Cathie Harms, his mom, provides some perspective on his start in PC hardware, we check in on Sandra Gran as she builds her first PC, and YouTubers Tim and Ozi talk about how personal computers can be special.

Tim’s channel: GreenHamGaming.
Ozi’s channel: OzTalksHW.

Musical selections for this episode:

"Thinking It Over" by Lee Rosevere

"Vancouver City Centre" by Lee Rosevere

"seachange" by airtone

"Where I Stand" by Robbero

"Home's church" by Monplaisir

"Understand" by JoTech

"As I Was Saying" by Lee Rosevere

"Vaping in L.A." by Lee Rosevere

Episode 4: Archnemesis

In Episode 4, Susi Stuart talks about the moral guidance she learned from the Ultima series, and how one rogue lawyer prompted her to change her entire life.

Musical selections for this episode:

"Be gentle" by Red Mass
"Flying Through Popcorn" by Wootson
"It Works" by Sven Meyer
"When The Lights Came On" by Kai Engel 
"All Noise No Signal" by Lyndon Scarfe
"Black Widdow" by Passionate Imperfection
"Tycho" by Massimo Ruberti
"Hailfire Peaks" by Thiaz Itch
"I To The 16th" by Andy Derryberry