About the Show

Player Accounts is a podcast where we record and tell personal stories that pertain to games. People are playing, experiencing, and being impacted by this medium -- stories are just the natural byproduct. Some met new friends through games. Some survived their childhoods. Some were inspired to completely remake their lives.

If you want the standard industry chatter about 'what title is coming out when on which platform,' then this is by all accounts not the podcast for you. But if you want to hear true, personal stories from those who play games, then listen in.

About the Producer

Player Accounts is made by Spencer Tordoff -- a writer, editor, and podcaster -- who lives in Seattle, Washington. He received his bachelor’s degree in journalism from his hometown college, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, in 2017.

Spencer also podcasts and writes for Silicon Sasquatch, a fine group of refugee journalism students. You can also find Player Accounts posted over there. Some of his work for the site can be found here.

Someday, he wants this (or something like it) to be his job.


Q: Where did you get the idea for Player Accounts?

A: If I'm to be honest, it's mostly me pantomiming Ira Glass, because someday I'd like to have a similar career. The initial idea for the show came to me in late 2012, and was two and a half episodes in once I realized that A Life Well Wasted already existed. But hey, the more the merrier, right?

Q: Some of these episodes say "Memory Card" in them! What gives?

A: "Memory Card" was my initial working title for the show, and while it's evocative and apt, it 1) shares a name with at least two other gaming podcasts or publications, 2) is a search string likely to find camera accessories, and 3) references a gaming artifact that kids of today will probably never encounter. Better to part with the old name now, while it's painless to do so.

Q: I have a piece / story / song / other audio thing that would be great on your show! May I send it to you?

A: You absolutely may. Check out the Contact page to send me your feedback, ideas, and potential pieces.

Q: Where can I find samples of your other work?

A: They can be found here.