Episode 7: Ships of the Digital Line

In this episode, host Spencer Tordoff reflects on what makes building or modifying a personal computer different from just getting one off the shelf. Cathie Harms, his mom, provides some perspective on his start in PC hardware, we check in on Sandra Gran as she builds her first PC, and YouTubers Tim and Ozi talk about how personal computers can be special.

Tim’s channel: GreenHamGaming.
Ozi’s channel: OzTalksHW.

Musical selections for this episode:

"Thinking It Over" by Lee Rosevere

"Vancouver City Centre" by Lee Rosevere

"seachange" by airtone

"Where I Stand" by Robbero

"Home's church" by Monplaisir

"Understand" by JoTech

"As I Was Saying" by Lee Rosevere

"Vaping in L.A." by Lee Rosevere

Episode 6: Heroes of Light

In episode 6, Auston Montville of Too DX talks about his lifelong dream of making games, and wonders -- is a life spent as an indie developer worthwhile? The answer will shock you!

No it won't. But it's a well-thought-out reflection. Give it a listen?

Musical selections for this episode:

"Wonder Cycle" by Chris Zabriskie
"Exploration" by Artificial.Music
"Sacrifice" by Robodub
"Silver" by Jahzzar
"Cable" by Son-Zu
"Part 1" by kimmyunghwan
"Seaside" by Lyvo

Episode 5: Loss in the Fifth Generation

In episode 5, Dylan McCarthy talks about a childhood spent gaming, and how games helped him cope with his father's cancer and eventual death.

Warning: This episode is about coping, and is not particularly uplifting.

Musical selections for this episode:

"Sunset" by Evgeny Grinko 
"Summers Coming" by Dexter Britain 
"Winter Sunshine" by Evgeny Grinko
"Vintage Frames" by Kai Engel 
"It smells like Chamomile Tea" by Evgeny Grinko
"Melancholy Aftersounds" by Kai Engel
"Awaken From A Nightmare" by Silver Process 
"From Truth" by Dexter Britain
"Biology Slides" by Bleak House 

Episode 4: Archnemesis

In Episode 4, Susi Stuart talks about the moral guidance she learned from the Ultima series, and how one rogue lawyer prompted her to change her entire life.

Musical selections for this episode:

"Be gentle" by Red Mass
"Flying Through Popcorn" by Wootson
"It Works" by Sven Meyer
"When The Lights Came On" by Kai Engel 
"All Noise No Signal" by Lyndon Scarfe
"Black Widdow" by Passionate Imperfection
"Tycho" by Massimo Ruberti
"Hailfire Peaks" by Thiaz Itch
"I To The 16th" by Andy Derryberry

Episode 3: Starting Villages

In Episode 3, Kristen Andre and Sandra Gran have stories about how to cope with growing up in small, familiar towns – and how to handle the aftermath of coping.

Musical selections for this episode:

"Oceanus Procellarum" by Circle the Sun
"De Aqui Para Alla" by 52tercero
"Tumblin Down (cdk Mix)" by cdk
"Mera Jahaan" by manu shrivastava
"The Long Goodbye" by John Pazdan
"The Death of Adromeda" by Club 220
"Sanfona" by SailehB
"Vital Sign" by Friedlich Chiller
"Amigos Solo Guitarra" by 52tercero

Episode 2: Family

In Episode 2, true stories from Nicole LeungAlvaro Sarria, and Rebecca Jennings about family, games, and the intersection of the two. There's drama, humor, teen angst — something for everyone!

Musical selections for this episode:

“Slinky Blues” by Admiral Bob
“spinnin” and “you for uh…. ?” by grapes
“3 pound universe” by Jeris
“Invisible” by Drift
“Statia” by Gurdonark
“Another Girl (instrumental)” by duckett
“Silence Await” and “Good Bye Mr. Rogers” by cdk
“The Annual New England Xylophone Symposium” by DoKashiteru
“Goldeneye 007 ‘Controlled Jazz’” by Mustin / Scott Peeples